Mark Zhang

or legally as Yi Han Zhang


    I am a passionate Canadian student who loves computer science, music, and philosophy. My keen interest in computer science has never decreased since grade seven. Not only do I create countless personal projects, but I am also involved in public open source projects such as Google Magenta. At school, I am the president of the computer science club; my goal is to encourage young people of my age furthermore to be passionate about computer science. Additionally, I am also a classical music admirer. If you look at my Spotify playlist, you'll discover composers like Chopin, Liszt, Rachmaninov, and Bach. Aside from coding during my free time, I spend the rest playing the piano and the clarinet. Finally, philosophy also intrigues me a lot. I am personally very interested in simulation theory and epistemology (you can read articles that I wrote regarding this couple years ago). Hopefully, that gave you a brief idea of who I am, if you want to get to know me better, contact me via the info listed on this site.

Featured Program: Project Pather


Here are some of my major projects, for more check out my Github