Hey there, I'm Mark :D

I'm a current software engineering 💻 undergrad student from the University of Waterloo. I love writing softwares that makes people happy 😊.

During my free time I like to play the piano 🎹 and write articles mostly about philosophy 📖✍. Click here to start listening 🎧🎶 to one of my favorite piano pieces performed by me, visit my SoundCloud if you want to enjoy more classical music. Curious about my articles? Read them on Medium!

I'm currently on my co-op term in Vancouver 🌄, let me know if you are nearby! I'd love to hangout 🙋‍♂️. Wonder what's happening in my life right now? Check out my blog for more elongated spiels from me 😅.


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The Gift of Consciousness The Odyssey of Reality The Temporal Limits of HUmanity

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